The Perfect Makeup For Peach Gown

Light colors are making a comeback, but it’s hard to pull off, especially makeup for peach gown. Peach is a color that is hard to pull off by some, but easier for others. If you have a fair-skinned complexion, peach is a good color for you. It compliments your skin, and it’s easy to find make up that will help bring the entire outfit together instead of looking too plain or washed out or “a peacock” with too much going on.

Recommended Makeup For Peach Gown
What Type of Makeup Should I Choose?

When you find the right makeup for peach gown, it makes the process a lot easier. When wearing a peach gown, you want a more classy and natural look than adding a ton of colors to your face. Remember, if you wear make up on your eyes, tone down your lips.

As stated, natural colors is the best makeup for peach gowns but not ideal for a red lace dress because you need more red tint to your lips. That means you want to wear neutral gold eye shadows, or a neutral or semi dark brown eye shadows. The gold may give enough color, but not be overbearing. Also, using a little face powder you can hide imperfections such as blemishes. To add a bit of color adds a smidge of blush so your face isn’t washed out. Mascara and eye liner are a must as well as a lip gloss. When it comes to the lip gloss color, you want a natural color if you wear tinted lip gloss and nothing too red, pink, or purple.

Beautiful Makeup For Peach Gown

How Do I Put The Makeup On For A Peach Gown?

  • First off, before you start, do not wear your dress when applying your make up. A peach dress is light in color and can easily stain and will show flaws, like if you drop your mascara wand. Wear a towel or something you can easily get out of so you can avoid something rubbing your face and potentially ruining your make up.
  • Next, make sure your face is clean and dry. A little moisturizer never hurt and will prevent dry skin to form, especially if you use a facial cleaner. When your face is completely dry, you can apply your powder to cover imperfections or even out your skin tone. For bad areas, a drop of foundation should be used, however, be sure it is the right color and that you blend it in well. Then add the powder.
  • After you have applied the powder, it’s time to add blush. You want the blush to go from the apple of your cheek to your temple or near the corner of your eye. When applying, it will look like a sideways arch. Dab your brush, preferably a larger one, in the blush making sure you don’t overcoat the brush. Then starting at the apple, move along the arch once up, once down, and up once more. You should have enough color to give your cheeks a slight blushing look but nothing overbearing.


Simple Makeup For Peach Gown

  • Now, time for the eyes. Use dark brown or black eyeliner, and instead of adding it to the waterline, you will apply it to your low lash line or just below the waterline. It makes it look more natural. You draw in small short strokes and go across close to your lash line as you can. Be careful for smudges, it does take practice. You can also use a darker brown, gold, or black eye shadow. Putting it on a smaller eye shadow brush, apply it just under the lash line. Only go across once so it looks natural. Use a cotton swab to clean excess make up off.
  • For the upper eye, first apply a bit of lip gloss on your upper lid so the makeup won’t fade. Then add the neutral gold from the upper lash line to the crease of your eye lid. You can use a light color similar to the gold, and use it to enhance your eyes. Where the gold make up stops, using your finger put the eye shadow from the gold line across and mix, there shouldn’t be a distinct line where the meet. It helps brighten the eyes while making it look natural.
  • Now, from the inside corner of your eye, use your eyeliner to draw a thin line to the back corner. When you get to the back corner, make the line a little thick and draw it out to a small curve for a small angel winged look. Do the same on the opposite eye using the first eye as an example and try to get the angel wing the same or close.
  • Then, take an eyelash curler and curl your top eye lashes and apply mascara. When you apply mascara, make sure your brush isn’t clumped and go from the bottom of the lash to the top.
  • After you have the hard part done, just add the lip gloss and you are done!


Simple Beautiful Peach Dress

Now that your makeup for peach dress is done, you are ready to go out for a day or night full fun and excitement! Plus, the upside of this look of natural make up and your peach dress will make you look naturally sexy and beautiful.