Tips For Choosing A Lace Overlay Dress For Work

Generally, a pair of pants and a nice blouse are the most ideal to wear for work; however, at times you need to go with something that is going to show off more of your feminine nature rather than your professional nature. There are very fabulous dress choices for work that can make you feel and look amazing. One of the most popular dresses that are becoming a great hit is the lace overlay dress. Use some of the following advice to make a decision on which dress would be best for you and your office.

Black Lace Overlay V Cut Draped Back Party Dress

The Length Of The Dress

When thinking about the length of your dress, knee length is always going to be best for a work setting. If you can remember this rule when choosing your dresses, you will always be able to make the right choice. Similarly, it’s best if you choose a dress with lace overlay that is form fitting. These dresses have a more formal appearance and they can highlight the curves of a woman’s body. When thinking about the sleeves on the lace overlay dress, during the colder months of the year you might want to choose one with three quarter length for the sleeves. You can choose a dress that has shorter sleeves during the hot months; however, you should always try to avoid going sleeveless, unless you plan on wearing something over the dress.

Watch Your Cleavage

Keep an eye on the cleavage of the lace overlay dress that you choose for work. Both the round neck and the V neck dresses are perfect, as long as you aren’t showing a lot of skin. At this time, the dresses that have collars seem to be a big hit in the fashion world. They possess both a youthful charm and professional appeal that can make them the most ideal choice for work. Although the neckline on a lace overlay wedding dress is beautiful, this type of neckline is not ideal for the work place and should be avoided as much as possible.


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Choosing The Design

It’s your decision which dress design you think will flatter your figure the most. Most women go for the belted options, since they seem almost as though you are wearing a blouse and skirt rather than a dress. You should think about getting dresses that have a different top and bottom such as a black flowing bottom and a tight red top. A lace overlay dress that comes in this design is the most ideal for the workplace.

Black Lace Overlay Sheath Dress

Choosing Your Colors

You have the freedom to mix and match with your favorite colors, designs, patterns and fabrics. You can go with a red lace dress that has buttons and large pockets in the front. When you are considering a lace dress for the office, solid colors such as a black lace overlay dress is the most ideal for a professional setting. However, as long as you are able to find a dress that’s appropriate to show off in the workplace, you can choose the colors and patterns that you would like.

Red Floral Lace Overlay Dress

Investing in good clothing style brings out a different perception of self. You will have more confidence with pleasing appearance. Choosing the right clothing to work is also essential in gaining respect and admiration from others. The competition in the workplace can be tough especially if you are aiming for a promotion and there are others vying for the same spot. You can get ahead by investing in yourself and taking on responsibilities and delivering results. Wearing good clothes plus a beautiful personality and add a witty mind, and you are all set to climb the corporate ladder.