All about Red Wrap Dress

The choice of a red wrap dress is a chic and bold wardrobe concept. This eye catching color brings out the wearer’s confident persona. Use of lightweight fabric makes this dress wearable during warm weather. It accentuates almost any figure giving a very feminine look.  Popular design accessories that sit well with this dress type are chunky jewelry options and small clutch purses. Pairing the set with heels creates glamour. This apparel is perfect for special evenings out. It lets the woman enjoy a sophisticated social experience. Other occasions where an elegant red lace dress would be a considerable option would be weddings, birthdays or a graduation event.


All About Red Wrap Dress Plus Size

A wearer can save considerable amounts of time save when they opt for a red wrap around dress. It is easy to suit up and can be matched up with many frills with little ease.  Varying vintage and retro designs of a red wrap dress can be considered so as to bring out individuality and unique beauty. Options available depend on the designer’s skill and experience in bringing out custom creations. Prospects should only endorse brands from reputable stockists to avoid imitations.

Elegant Red Wrap Around Dress

How to Sew a Red Wrap Dress

A basic sewing kit and machine are required for the best outcomes. This option is a less costly alternative to purchasing a top brand at a designer store.


Sexy Ralph Lauren Red Wrap Dress


Here are the necessary steps that one should take when planning to make their own wrap dress.

  • Select the desired fabric type. Glossy or neat lined alternatives are classics. Material should be over 3 ft so as to cater for adjustment margins
  • Measure the specifics of the wearer and jot them down. Height, shoulder width, waist, bust and hip measurements are important.
  • Plan the entire design scheme carefully. Sketches on a drawing board can be made. Explore many alterations so as to settle on the best pattern outlay. Finish off this stage by cutting out the chosen pattern on cardboard or any other thin base. The cut out is the skeleton support for the dress.
  • Fold the fabric in half to get a double layer. Pin the cut out to the fabric and make corresponding cuts on the outline on the fabric. An allowance margin should be left for the seams.
  • Sew together the two identical cut outs using the machine. Remember to leave out the armholes and neck centerpiece free. Sleeves will be added after sewing is complete.
  • Make hems at the edges of the dress and turn it inside out to complete the project. Make final touches.
  • The amount of wrap detail in a red jersey wrap dress can be altered to make the gown more or less revealing of the bust. This can be done according to the wearer’s preference. Other figure lines can also be flattened.


Dressing Tips

A red wrap dress plus size is prone to bunching up and making hikes up the wearer’s body line. For this reason the person should wear proper undergarments such as slip ons. These work by giving a foundation that keep the entire dress in place. A layered look is also far more fabulous.

Casual Red Jersey Wrap Dress


And those were the basic things that a beginner should keep in mind when decided to use a red wrap dress to look stunningly gorgeous. As you can clearly see, you don’t need to break the bank just to enjoy the great aura that this red dress can offer – you can easily make one on your own at the comfort of your home by simply using the procedures above and a bit of your creativity and can-do attitude.