Ivory Lace Dress: A Must Have in Every Girl’s Wardrobe

Fashion is a lucrative avenue which almost no one can avoid. After all, who does not like to dress up one in a while? All of us partake off the tree of fashion sometime or the other; whether the requirement is formal or informal. There are certain items of apparel and accessory which are a must in every fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. An ivory lace dress is one of them.

Bridal Ivory Lace Dress

What is Indispensable about an Ivory Lace Dress?

There are certain colors and styles that are never out of fashion. A few such colors are white, red and of course, black. And lace is one of the fabrics that are always haute couture. The hems may be trimmed differently, the skirts may not swish as much as they used to in the Victorian times and the sashes might be less ornate; but lace is a piece of intricate fashion detail that would never be out of the game. When one combines lace with white; it is a ‘drop dead on the floor’ combination. An ivory lace dress can be designed in innumerable ways with multifarious looks. One can experiment in a number of ways, mixing fabrics, daring new cuts when the basic nuance of an ivory lace dress is so classy. Do you wonder how?

Best Selling Ivory Lace Wedding Dress

The Flexible compatibility of Ivory Lace Dress

For a number of occasions; a dress as such can be your trump card. Here are a few ideas on how the dress can be worn.

  • A floor length, mermaid cut, sequined ivory lace wedding dress with a translucent, short, embossed veil can make any woman the most beautiful bride on earth. To synchronize with the bridal gown, princess waistline, balloon sleeved ivory lace flower girl dress would make the perfect picture at the altar.
  • To render perfection to the scene, as the bride holds a bouquet of red roses, the maid of honor can wear an off- the shoulder, mid- length red lace dress and hold a complementary white bouquet.
  • Again, an ivory lace dress having a halter neckline, corseted midriff reaching barely up to the knees can mesmerize the date as soon as the woman enters the restaurant.
  • A sweetheart neck- lined, noodle strapped short ivory lace dress is always a classic for a prom or the spring dance.
  • A lace sleeved, broad belted with a silver buckle, A- line ivory dress can be easily worn at the workplace, appearing formal and chic at the same time. The best thing about this dress is that it can fit into so many occasions; one the cut and the style is a little altered. The material and color is never out of place, and obviously never out of fashion.


Elegant Short Ivory Lace Dress

But remember; always be careful with the accessories when it comes to a lace dress. Too much make- up or accessorizing can mar the elegance of the ensemble. One can try a nude make- up with light pearl, silver or platinum accessories if the occasion is formal. Only the eyes have to be highlighted properly with kohl. But if the occasion is informal, a mono- colored ensemble, such as red earrings, pendant, belt, clutch purse and stilettos would work fine. A lace dress has to be carried off confidently by the wearer. Otherwise, one might end up looking sloppy as white, though beautiful but is a risky color.

Chic Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress

Wearing an elegant dress such as the lace dresses is an emblem of classic beauty and grace. Many women have walked the red carpet in Hollywood and in the wedding aisle preferring to don the classic lace. It has never failed to emphasize feminine figure and tenderness.