One Shoulder Lace Dress

A one shoulder lace dress is a fashion contingency. It can save a woman the trouble of sifting through the racks and after an hour, still not knowing what to wear. For example, you have a date with this guy you have wanted to go out forever. You are so nervous that you cannot think of anything that would render your persona with perfection. This is where the one shoulder lace dress comes to your rescue.

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What is so special about a One Shoulder Lace Dress?

Fashion is all about achieving the perfect balance between revelation and concealment. Showing some skin can be sensuous; but if it is blown out of the proportion that one cannot carry; it can result into a fashion fiasco. Earlier in the nineteenth century; the French fashion concentrated on the sensuousness of the curvature of a woman’s bust. The low neck, drip shoulder cuts were worn; but the focus remained on the bosom and the waistline; especially when corsets were incorporated into fashion by ladies. But shapely shoulder blades, flaunted by an elegant, sexy cut can turn quite a few heads. A one shoulder lace dress is one of those items of fashion that is perfectly proportioned. It is just the right amount of display; neither too over nor too missionary. Especially if one is uncomfortable with an off the shoulder, yet wants to show off her fine shoulder blades; one shoulder lace dress is the way to go about it.

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The Various Ways to Wear a One Shoulder Lace Dress

One shoulder dress is available in so many fabrics. It is also quite presentable. But with lace, the idea is that certain apparels are never out of fashion. And lace is one of them. It is classy, gorgeous, and elegantly light if not used in flaring ruffles which again, might result into a wardrobe disaster. With certain brilliant colors such as red, black and white; one shoulder lace dress is always haute couture.

Fashioned One Shoulder Red Lace Dress

Here are a few ways in which a one- shoulder lace dress can be worn.

  • Worried about the trendy fashion rally for teens in school the next week? Go for the one shoulder, barely above the knees red lace dress. Team it up with an ensemble of black, such as chunky earrings or mini- studs; a slim black beads choker, an armlet on the bare side, a metallic belt and finally, black rhinestone heels.
  • Got a one shoulder black lace dress forever in one secluded corner of the dresser? Take it out; wear it for the next time you go for a hang out with your buddies in the lounge. Choose copper- red accessories for the ensemble. Or you could try a neon color from head to toe; such as slime green or fuchsia pink. A black one shoulder lace dress can also be worn with light gold ornaments, in semi- formal occasions to capture the classy Italian evening soiree look.
  • For a date, nothing can beat a gorgeous white lace one shoulder dress. A bride can wear it in her reception teamed with diamond and platinum jewelry. It is also not a poor choice for the bridesmaids as it is neither too flashy to overshadow the bride; nor too shabby to ruin the picture.


Sexy Black One Shoulder Lace Dress

With one shoulder dresses, one does not have to be too conscious. Even if it is a little loose; a casual, chilled look can be procured with the right belt. From the collage girl to femme fatale; it suits everyone, every time.

Wearing this type of dress will bring out the sexy figure plus the soft touch of lace emphasize your womanhood more than any other fabric every designed. It is surely a wise investment on a dress when you want to be sexy and stylish in every occasion you will attend.