Making A Blast With The Red Carpet Dresses

Red Carpet dresses have been popular throughout time since the events like Oscars and Golden Globe Awards attract intense media attention universally every year making it home to the best red carpet dresses to be worn in the world. Red carpet events such as these have significant effect in the fashion world.

All About Celebrity Red Carpet Dresses

Fashion designers hold an exceptional importance to these events as they use the red carpet to display their best work as celebrity red carpet dresses where they it provides them an area of international product placement.

The Oscars And Golden Globe Take Over

Many celebrities used to select their own carpet dresses before the 1990s. Oscars used to be excruciatingly painful for the eyes, so as the designers would describe it. Celebrities chose to wear the most eccentric outfits including torn denim, sequined jumpsuits, Indian headdresses and wearing nothing but sheer fabric for the cameras. For the Golden Globes stars didn’t even dress up until 1990s and would all show up casually dressed. Halle Berry was the game changer back then when she wore her white Valentino dress. These days fashion stylists and designers do their best not to have a celebrity on a ‘worst dressed list’ and dress them in the best outfits and looks. Some thing this has made the world events of Oscars and Golden Globes dull and too homogenous to watch.

Sexy Red Carpet Prom Dresses

The Designer’s Gamble

Red carpet dresses are all about making the bucks when it comes to fashion and media world. Having a celebrity photograph in a designer dress means the dollar return when the shot is published in the top famous fashion magazines like Vogue. This opportunity can be strikingly a gambling game for the designer when they invest their time into designing one perfect red carpet dress that may cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and the celebrity simply decides to wear someone else’s design at the last minute.

Different Styles for Best Red Carpet Dresses

Getting Red Carpet Ready

Getting red carpet ready is certainly not easy and so here are a few tips for you:

  • Stylists agree when you dress up the look must be only about one item and everything else to accentuate the item. For example the dress, the shoes or the jewelry.
  • Do not bring out the frilly panties, bras to the party ladies! It all shows. That’s right, it can be seen and you don’t want to be the talk of the town the wrong way.
  • Hair and makeup should accentuate your best features just like the outfit and compliment you. Make up should not be done heavy both on eyes and lips. Pick one and work it! Red blush cheeks are a no, no. Go easy with the makeup. No clowns are allowed at the party.
  • Be comfortable in what you wear and be prepared for malfunctions like bra straps falling, nipple slip, skirt too short – don’t bend. It is more difficult to keep track of these with champagne on one hand.


Natasha Bedingfield Red Carpet Dresses

Hollywood inspires the best of red carpet prom dresses and retail-copy-designs are available at stores where consumers can purchase at affordable prices just like the red lace dress Taylor Swift wore at the MTV music awards. Retail copies of designer red carpet dresses are very popular with high school elites and the rest of the common people. When there is a special event, every female, no matter what age or size loves to feel like a princess. Copies of the dresses worn by the most glamorous celebrities doesn’t make the temptation to purchase any easier.

The red carpet style has influenced the rest of the world to be more style savvy. From hair and make up to nails, shoes and handbags to jewelry and finally the desired red carpet dress makes every female feel complete.