You Can Never Go Wrong With Vintage Lace Dresses

A vintage lace dress conjures up images of royal families and courtesies that now belong to the past. This Elizabethan variety became popular in 1950’s with actors such as Audrey Hepburn wearing them in movies like “Roman Holiday”. In fact, lace never left the fashion scene. It remained as part of one type of dress or the other, though extensive use of this type of material periodically keeps on highlighting its presence.

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Recently Angelina Jolie wore such vintage dress in “Original Sin”. Today there are several new materials such as sheer, organza, and taffeta which are used by fashion designers to create an effect similar to lace. However, lace holds on to its place of prestige as a material for dresses that are worn on festive occasions, and formal occasions. Since ladies from wealthier classes wore it in the past, it is still associated with a sense of richness, which is clearly missing in dresses made from modern materials.

Different Styles for Vintage White Lace Dress

Designs in Authentic Vintage Lace Dress

Fashion designers do not have to work hard to create a delicately beautiful dress from lace. There are several vintage designs, which can be copied and a few creative features can be added to them without destroying the basic theme. Designs of such dresses may vary in

  • Length. Most of the vintage lace dresses are of tea length or gown length, which sets them apart from other lace dresses. This does not mean that there are no knee length varieties. The lace used to make such dresses may have varying patterns such that the border of these dresses towards the floor is fairly large and distinct because of thicker design in the lace there. The lace may also have geometric patterns and even these may be segregated as layers within the overall lace design.


  • Emphasis at waist. In so far stitching goes, the waist is accentuated in these lace dresses either by tailoring or by using a satin sash. These sashes are fairly broad and tied as bows.


  • Neckline. Collar may be present on its V neck, which is rather unusual amongst lace dress varieties. However, there are ample such dresses with round neck or square or trough shaped necks. Some of these dresses may have closed necks as well. Usually though, fairly large neck may be cut, and this is then covered with lace. The dress may also have a row of larger lace border covering the neck and nape, or perhaps, the lace may touch the collar bones in some cases.


  • Sleeves and shoulders. At times the shoulder straps may only be thin strings tied as bows on either side, and a lace cover may be used to cover the neck and shoulders apart from chest. This cover may be a separate veil like piece and fastened with a button at the neck. Alternately, a layer of such lace that is stitched to the neck of the dress may fall back from the neck, exposing part of the neck and shoulder, but covering the arms and providing double cover to the chest. Some of the dresses may have puff sleeves or elbow length sleeves, but usually these dresses have short or mini sleeves. Skin- clinging full sleeves, which again have borders near the wrists completes the picture of some of the more ancient lace attires.


  • Skirt. Skirt of such dresses may have layers, which fall gently, or may stand stiffly increasing the volume due to inner padding.


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Materials Used To Make Modern Vintage Lace Dress

In the past, only cotton was used to make laces, and these laces were handmade. Machines are now used to make such laces, and cotton is blended with polyester for making them. There are some lace materials that have higher percentages of polyester or other synthetic fiber in them. Cotton lends laces its stiffness while other materials give it its suppleness. Vintage variety of lace dresses looks authentic with laces made from thread that has much higher ratio of cotton in it. These need to be periodically starched. The red lace dress from that era is usually made from darker shade of red, closer to burgundy. Usually though people opt for vintage white lace dress or vintage black lace dress. Such dresses include vintage lace wedding dress varieties.

Sexy Vintage Black Lace Dress


The delicate look of laces can make any lady look fragile, which is how ladies were thought of in the past. Designs of lace dresses of that era were therefore intended to project women as delicate people, notwithstanding their overall appearance. In contemporary world, such dresses are used in marriage functions, and other family occasions.

Ivory Lace Dress: A Must Have in Every Girl’s Wardrobe

Fashion is a lucrative avenue which almost no one can avoid. After all, who does not like to dress up one in a while? All of us partake off the tree of fashion sometime or the other; whether the requirement is formal or informal. There are certain items of apparel and accessory which are a must in every fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. An ivory lace dress is one of them.

Bridal Ivory Lace Dress

What is Indispensable about an Ivory Lace Dress?

There are certain colors and styles that are never out of fashion. A few such colors are white, red and of course, black. And lace is one of the fabrics that are always haute couture. The hems may be trimmed differently, the skirts may not swish as much as they used to in the Victorian times and the sashes might be less ornate; but lace is a piece of intricate fashion detail that would never be out of the game. When one combines lace with white; it is a ‘drop dead on the floor’ combination. An ivory lace dress can be designed in innumerable ways with multifarious looks. One can experiment in a number of ways, mixing fabrics, daring new cuts when the basic nuance of an ivory lace dress is so classy. Do you wonder how?

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The Flexible compatibility of Ivory Lace Dress

For a number of occasions; a dress as such can be your trump card. Here are a few ideas on how the dress can be worn.

  • A floor length, mermaid cut, sequined ivory lace wedding dress with a translucent, short, embossed veil can make any woman the most beautiful bride on earth. To synchronize with the bridal gown, princess waistline, balloon sleeved ivory lace flower girl dress would make the perfect picture at the altar.
  • To render perfection to the scene, as the bride holds a bouquet of red roses, the maid of honor can wear an off- the shoulder, mid- length red lace dress and hold a complementary white bouquet.
  • Again, an ivory lace dress having a halter neckline, corseted midriff reaching barely up to the knees can mesmerize the date as soon as the woman enters the restaurant.
  • A sweetheart neck- lined, noodle strapped short ivory lace dress is always a classic for a prom or the spring dance.
  • A lace sleeved, broad belted with a silver buckle, A- line ivory dress can be easily worn at the workplace, appearing formal and chic at the same time. The best thing about this dress is that it can fit into so many occasions; one the cut and the style is a little altered. The material and color is never out of place, and obviously never out of fashion.


Elegant Short Ivory Lace Dress

But remember; always be careful with the accessories when it comes to a lace dress. Too much make- up or accessorizing can mar the elegance of the ensemble. One can try a nude make- up with light pearl, silver or platinum accessories if the occasion is formal. Only the eyes have to be highlighted properly with kohl. But if the occasion is informal, a mono- colored ensemble, such as red earrings, pendant, belt, clutch purse and stilettos would work fine. A lace dress has to be carried off confidently by the wearer. Otherwise, one might end up looking sloppy as white, though beautiful but is a risky color.

Chic Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress

Wearing an elegant dress such as the lace dresses is an emblem of classic beauty and grace. Many women have walked the red carpet in Hollywood and in the wedding aisle preferring to don the classic lace. It has never failed to emphasize feminine figure and tenderness.

Style Ideas for Navy Lace Dress

The lace dress trend is still going quite strong and navy lace dress is back to steal the show. There are different styles of wearing it and whether your style is ladylike and demure or rock chic and edgy, there are various styles of lace dresses available for you. However there are various factors that need to be kept in mind when buying these. There are options like short lace dresses to lace gowns.

A Brief Look into Navy Lace Overlay Dress

The Colored Lace Look

Stay away from the monotonous white and black, and go in for navy lace dresses. These are quite in fashion. The colored lace dresses demand you to stick to neutral accessories as they are bright enough to draw attention. You can just wear a small pendant along with these dresses and an ear stud. This is enough for a party look. The little red lace dress is simply an outstanding choice for parties. But only if you are comfortable in it and can carry it well. For others long gown style dresses work well.

The Casual Look

Pick up a navy lace dress and team it with black slacks. It is trendy as well as a chic look. Accessorize it with a bracelet and small ear stud or medium sized diamond earrings. Since it is a casual look, try to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t overdo it.

Lovely Lace Navy Dress

The Evening Look

When picking up evening wear in lace purchase high quality navy lace sheath dress. Long maxi dresses or gowns are simply great as an evening wear. For a little bit of drama include a black dress. White or cream lace is another option. Don’t be afraid to try them either. A lace navy dress in a bright color is what an evening wear demands. If you thing that white lace is too bridal team it up with bright accessories.

Take glamour to a notch higher with a navy lace overlay dress in three quarter sleeves. It is revealing enough while the stylish belt puts it together. Wear it for evening parties, wedding events or as a bridesmaid.

All About Navy Lace Dress

Opt For Sheer

If you want to make the lace the focal point, nothing comes close to sheer dresses. If you are bold enough to carry it, try wearing it without the slip. But for the modest women, an underneath slip is the best choice. Balance the revealing nature of your lace sheer dress by choosing a long hem or a relaxed cut. Opt for cocktail dresses in bold designs.

The Heavier Lace

The present trend demands heavier lace patterns than thin ones. This heavy lace maintains the structure and creates defined silhouette. These lace dresses are quite easy to style. Think of the full skirted tea dress or lace shift dress. Opt for navy sheath lace dress in cinched waist and sleeve style. Include peep toes with it.

Create Contrasting Texture

In order to create contrasting texture opt for seal the look with jackets, jerseys or knits. These add more edge to the dresses and can be worn even in winters. To create an eclectic look wear the navy lace dress with a velvet jacket.

Pretty Navy Lace Sheath Dress for Women

Why Choose Lace Dresses?

  • The biggest advantage why women simply love them is because they are easy to wear. If you are running short of time, there can be nothing better than these dresses.
  • It is one such dress that you can wear it to the work place. But this time the color should be neutral lie cream or beige.
  • Maintains the sleek look of the body and it also gives the body a shape.
  • These are available in different textures that make selection a lot easier.

Women’s wardrobe must consist of at least one navy lace dress since it is an elegant wear. The variety available in the lace dresses makes them a great choice for almost all occasion.

Cream Lace Dress – A Perfect Prom Outfit

There always comes a time in a girl’s life when she might need to buy clothing such as a cream lace dress. A very good example of this is when she’s planning for her prom. The fact that this is one of the most significant parts of a girl’s life only means that it is necessary to get the right piece without any compromises. The quality of the dress gotten is therefore something that should never be taken for granted.

Cream with Gold Sequin Lace Dress

Selection Tips

Just like any other fashion items, a cream dress should be chosen with caution to be able to find the perfect piece from the vast variety of choices available in stores. To do this, some of the things that can be done to ensure that one can get their cream lace dress for prom without compromising quality include the following:

  • Starting the shopping early
    It is always a good idea to do the shopping for the dress in advance. One of the benefits of this is that it reduces the pressure associated with buying such a dress. If you opted to buy the dress at the last minute, the fact that you will be under a lot of pressure at that time means that you are likely to compromise on quality just so that you can get one. This in turn means that in the end, you might not end up with the cream lace dress that you deserve. When you do the shopping in advance, you will have enough time to go through the options you have to ensure that you end up making the right choice.

Chic Ladies Cream Lace Maxi Dress

In addition to that, doing shopping in advance also gives you enough room to make any changes to the dress on time. For instance, if you get a red lace dress and find that it does not quite fit in some areas, you will have the time to find a quality tailor to mend it. Additionally, you won’t have to rush them through the process, which means that they will be in a better position to get it right. All of these issues contribute to one thing: you will have less of a hassle getting a lace cream dress you will like.

Wedding Lace Cream Dress

  • Don’t forget the fit

In the world of fashion, the statement “fit is king” always rings true. When shopping for your vintage cream lace dress, you should always do so with the point of making sure that it fits perfectly. Even if you get a dress that costs a lot, having it not fit will make it look cheap, and you might in turn not look as stunning as you thought you would be in it.

Before you go shopping for the cream lace maxi dress, it’s important for you to be very clear about what your measurements are. This is especially so when you decide to buy online, in which case you might not have an opportunity to try out the dresses to find out if they fit.

Ladies  Vintage Cream Lace Dress for Spring

The Choice is in Your Hands

In summary, it is not really that hard for you to end up picking a dress that will make you look stunning and elegant during your prom. As long as you keep the above in mind and buy from a trustworthy store, you will get very good value for money and have an unforgettable prom night. So make sure to carry this comprehensive guide with you as you go shopping and visiting stores one by one – you wouldn’t want to risk this very important day by merely a wrongly purchased dress!

Fashion Tips on Wearing Black Lace Dress

A black lace dress is versatile because it looks romantic and elegant when worn to a date, formal occasion or fashion event. It is popular because it is easily accessorized. A short black lace dress also looks sexy, without being too revealing. In order to get the best effects with this kind of dress, it is necessary to observe the following fashion tips.


Stylish Short Black Lace Dress

Body type 

The body type of a woman is categorized according to her proportion and not body size.


  •  When a woman’s waist and shoulders bear the same width, she is considered to have a balanced body, is commonly referred to as having the hourglass figure.


  • A woman without a balanced body proportions can use a black lace dress to create the desired illusion. Ladies with hour glass figures are advised to opt for sheaths and Wraps because they emphasize their figures.


  • A pear shaped woman is one who has full buttocks and hips but smaller at the top. The most appropriate dress type is one with an open neck or strapless because they divert attention to her upper body parts. In order to camouflage her hips, full A-line skirts are recommended, while to accentuate her small waist Empire waists are ideal.


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  • Full bust ladies have busts that are bigger than their buttocks and hips. Halters and V-necks are the best types of dresses because they make the woman look slimmer. High necklines are not recommended for such women, but they are advised to wear full skirts and A-lines, which provide balance and draw attention to their lower body parts.

  • Apple shaped ladies have rounded bodies with shoulders that look sloppy. The best types of dresses are the A-lines and full skirts because they offer an impression of balance and tend to accentuate natural curves. Athletic ladies look straight from the bottom to the top. The best types of dresses for such bodies are the strapless and backless dresses, and shifts and sheaths, which offer classic looks. A-lines and Empire waits are also desirable because they make the women look curvy.



Once a woman has identified the right dress for her body type, she should then select a fabric that molds properly to her body. This means that the dress should not pinch or inch her body. A woman’s self-conscious feelings may prevent her from selecting a little black lace dress for fear that it is too short. It is important to note that this fear can be overcome with time, and should not prevent her from including the dress in her collection.


Sexy Black Lace Dress


The complexion and coloring preferences are the determining factors to the selection of sexy black lace dress. Factors to consider include the color of the eyes, hair and skin tone. The color of the dress should brighten the eyes and fill them with life.



  • It is important that the dress to be selected depending on occasion. Formal occasions should be attended when wearing dresses of the right length to avoid overexposure of the skin. Strapless dresses are ideal in such occasions.
  • Dresses that are too tight are also to be avoided on formal occasions, but are perfect for causal occasions.
  • A red lace dress is popular with social occasions because of the association between the color and romance. This type of dress should be included in every woman’s collection because it is ideal for dates.


Elegant and Sexy Black Lace Dress


A shoulder bag or clutch is ideal with a black lace dress. The colors to select are red, white, gold and silver. Black should be avoided because camouflages the black dress. It is important to note that the dress is a fashion statement in itself and should not be worn with flashy necklaces or dangling earrings. A dress with a high neckline should also not be worn with necklaces because statement bracelet and stud earrings are enough accessories for such attire. When it comes to shoes, neutral colors are the best. These include red, black or beige. Pumps, stilettos and wedge sandals are best for these types of dresses. Extra bright shoes such as neon green, fuchsia or yellow should be avoided because they make a woman look cheap and wear away her elegance. They also draw attention to themselves instead to the overall look of the woman.


A black lace dress will never go out of fashion because of its elegant and sexy looks. Women are advised to strive for balance in their selection of these types of dresses in order to accentuate their best features while drawing eyes from features they intend to hide.